Do you need translations for your international diplomas or transcripts? IMO is certified to help you globalize your education and provide equivalence. Our translation services include; high school diplomas, college diplomas, transcripts, resumes, syllabi, etc.

We hire and train professional and skilled translators and guarantee an accurate and global service. We ensure that your private academic information is kept confidential and secure.

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Whether you are an automotive company looking to globalize your customers or an individual looking to invest in a new vehicle, we are here to help.

IMO’s professional translation services cover topics relating to manufacturing and distribution of motors, generators, automobiles, and other automotive aspects including, but not limited to;

  • Vehicle specs
  • Owners manuals
  • Production documents
  • Engine and motor specifications
  • Warranty materials.

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Banking & Finance

Finances are an essential part of all types of markets today and if you are looking to expand, IMO is here for your banking and financial translations. This sector requires professional translators who are familiar with financial terminology that can help with multilingual business affairs.

Our financial translation services include:

  • Financial statements, banking documentation, etc.
  • Interpreting services
  • E-bank services
  • Multilingual marketing
  • Procedures for making transactions and confidential communications

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We all know that gaming has become a fast-growing industry. Technological advancements have paved the way for a new form of entertainment and we incorporate new advancements in our translation services as much as possible.


IMO keeps up with contemporary and trendy industries to offer a variety of services. It is important to be familiar with the specific language and format of each game in order to fully capture the intended experience, and we have the right people for this job!

Our services include:

  • Gaming Websites
  • Mobile Games
  • Console and PC Games
  • Online Games
  • Newsletters
  • Gaming Instructions

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Healthcare & Medical

Are you a health care provider that needs assistance with effectively communicating with multilingual patients? Or are you seeking the help of a healthcare professional who you need to communicate with? IMO is here for you – both verbal and written.


Medical translation requires the knowledge of the appropriate and accurate terminology. Medical records and documentation are highly sensitive and without complete understanding of the field of medicine, it is difficult to translate accurately. Our team of translators can help you translate healthcare and medical documents/records both accurately and appropriately.

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Any legal process is burdened with very difficult and long paperwork. One way or another, a translation may be required for any foreign document that will be submitted in a legal capacity. Our translators are trained and skilled at legal terminology and court systems in not only English but also in the source language. We specialize in all forms such as governmental documents, immigration documents, indictments, court hearings, affidavit translations, asylum interviews, etc. Our documents are USCIS approved and 100% confidential.

Need certified translations or court interpreting service, please contact us and we will accommodate your translation requests almost immediately?

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Stepping into a novel market can be challenging for manufacturers and distributors without seeking some help. If you need localized translations to adapt to the new field, we are here to help!

We provide fast and accurate translations for your product’s packaging, patents, safety materials, instructions, etc. IMO has been working with manufacturers and distributors for years and we can help regulate and standardize to your needs and help your foreign business to linguistically adapt to the United States.

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Media is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Media entails many other industries and their advertisements and information that is unique to each industry. If you need help with expanding and globalizing your media, contact IMO for translations.

Social media content is the number one driving force of nearly all of the markets and industries in the modern world. Social media is a huge platform that allows you to reach as many people as possible with a click of a button. The most important for social media is being able to communicate effectively and accurately, which can be done with accurate translations that can adhere to the tone and style of social media. IMO can do that for you!

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Are you looking to globalize your brand? You will need a translator that knows the field and will help you transfer your information and online store to a new world. Widening your horizon across cultures and languages will increase your sales and marketing on a global scale.

IMO can help you accurately translate your retail business by adapting it to the new cultural market accurately and appropriately so you can draw more people to your global business.

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Travel & Hospitality

Travel, tourism, and the hospitality industry are one of the leading industries in which translation is needed. Accurate translation is the single most important factor in drawing people to tourism. If you want to open up to new markets and reach more international customers, we are here to help you. At IMO translations, all travel and tourism documents are handled by expert translators skilled at related content. We ensure that your global experience will be simplified in an affordable and reliable way.

  • Tourism Websites
  • Hotel Websites
  • Travel Guides, Maps, & Brochures
  • Country Descriptions
  • Reservations

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One of the most competitive international markets may be related to the technology industry. To be able to strive in this field, software and hardware companies must expand their products internationally and work with many different technological industries in the world. IMO is here to help expand your horizon and keep you connected to the rest of the world. Some of our translation services include software localization, patent, manuals, publications and reviews, websites, etc.

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